Good Vibes


"I'm not sure if I can give enough stars!!  I was nervous about what I would encounter going into it as I consider myself an amateur. I was put at ease quickly with Patrick's conversational way of explaining concepts and encouraging everyone. You'll also find people in all areas of their career and all skill levels which allows every person to feel capable of coming away with something. I truly enjoyed the smaller group setting and felt we shared even more camaraderie. I gained confidence in asking questions and learned even more. At these workshops so much encouragement goes on.  Can't thank him enough for what I've gained from his workshops so far and only hope they won't get tired of seeing my face in the crowd!!"  --Kortni P


"There is NOTHING! better than hands on training, literally! I’ve watch video tutorials for the last 2 years and it doesn't compare to what I’ve learn with Patrick. I was truly amazed by how much I was able to learn.  I was also impressed by how Patrick took the time to explain the different types of lighting affects that can be created as well how to take an inexpensive route.  I was continually impressed by the amount of information Pat shared with me. In regards to the models I understood in a much better way how to improve my work flow. I love working with natural light and I was very happy when he explained how to incorporate the use of natural light and studio lighting together. I truly recommend taking this workshop I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!"  --Cindy D.


"Patrick is hands down the best photography educators out there. He has the ability to take the complicated and overwhelming technical aspects of photography and lighting and make it so simple and easy to understand. He truly cares about his students success before, during and after the workshops as well and is always willing to help beyond the class. I owe every bit of my success as a photographer to what I have learned from Patrick."  --Amy J


"I am so glad I went to Patrick's workshop! His hands-on teaching style really opened my mind to professional lighting and photography techniques. And he wouldn't move on to the next topic until he saw that I "got it". I would strongly recommend his workshops for anyone wanting to take their photography game to the next level!" --Trevor RT


"Booking an educational course with Patrick was the best move I've made for my business! After 17 years in the photography world I still had many questions but Patrick had the answers and was able to cover them in great detail! My studio lighting and editing improved leaps and bounds after our class. Highly recommend!"  --Brittany B


"Are you looking to further your education and learn better tips and tricks to your photography? More importantly do you want the best of the best in this education? I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick one on one at workshops multiple times. What I have learned and implemented into my business far surpasses any other workshops I have ever attended! Patrick has shared incredible information that took my photography to the next level. I look forward to many more workshops and educational opportunities with him!"  --Linda C


I needed serious help in the lighting department. I didn’t know what light to order, the accessories to make it work or how to put it all together. My goal in visiting Patrick was to take my images to the next level by adding dimension and drama for a stand out look using OCF. In just ONE day of mentoring, Patrick taught me how to work my light, use it in studio and outside on location and so many other tips about photography that I didn’t know to ask. Before I even signed up for a mentoring session he helped me to shop for a light and encouraged me to take that leap for my business. He is fully invested in the photography community helping other photographers become their best version of themselves for their business. --Ivy T