The ability to create and control quality light is a must have skill for any serious photographer.  Stop using the  excuse that “the flash look” doesn’t fit your brand.  It’s time to stop guessing and start learning to read and create the light for the look that you want!

After this 2 day hands on workshop you will walk away with the confidence to work with both studio lighting as well as amazing natural light to create perfect light in-studio and outdoors.  You will learn how to confidently tackle difficult lighting situations and finally take the guesswork out of OCF.

Proper lighting not only improves your work but also helps to reduce your post processing time, but we’ll take it a step further!  On day 2 we will show you how we structure and use LR to speed things up and get your life back.

Ever feel like your work is lacking something but you just can't put your finger on it??  Then 2-day workshop will give you the answer!

  • Stop guessing!  Learn to CREATE light

  • Expand your offerings - Studio lighting made simple

  • Take the guesswork out of OCF

  • Finding your exposure & balancing flash/ambient

  • How to tackle difficult lighting situations

  • Learn tricks to amazing natural light

  • Lighting in studio and outdoors (weather permitting)

  • Learn to composition tricks to  create engaging images

  • Learn a simple Lightroom workflow that WILL save you time

  • Small group - only 10 seats available




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PAT + CASSIE studio (Crown Point, IN 46307)


There are a ton of workshops out there.  What is so different about yours?

Our workshops are different for a couple of reasons!  Many of the workshops out there are an "everything in one" type workshop.  It's very difficult if not impossible to learn an entire business in just 1 or 2 days...I've been there.  I believe that you are much better off picking a couple of topics at a time and truly mastering them.  Secondly what most people know me for is my ability to take technical and complicated subjects and make them easy to understand.  This is not a "copy what I do" style workshop.  I teach you how to think through the different situations so that you can apply them to YOUR business.  That is the fundamental difference. Just check out some of the testimonials from past attendees.  

I'm kind of nervous.  I'm fairly new at this and am afraid the other photographers will be much more advanced.  Is this for me?

I can promise you this....everybody starts somewhere!  Sitting back and waiting will only lead to disappointment.  We always create an incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone!  As long as you have some basic camera knowledge and know how your camera works in manual then you will do just fine.

I don't have any lighting equipment.  Can I still attend?

Absolutely!  In fact many of the attendees are coming with very little lighting experience and the very reason they are coming is to learn about the equipment and how it works.

I never do well in big groups.  Will there be a lot of people?

Well that's good news because our workshops are typically limited to 12 people or less.  If your truly want a personalized learning experience check out our 1:1 mentoring.

I'm coming from out of town.  What airports are nearby and where can I stay?  

our studio is located in Crown Point, IN 46307.  We are about 30 miles east of Chicago.  Midway airport is the closest and also where Southwest Airlines flies into.  O'hare is a tad bit further but another option depending on what airline you need to fly.  Once registered we will give you a few hotel suggestions as well.

I know you primarily photograph high school seniors but I shoot weddings mostly.  Will I still benefit?

We have people attend that photograph everything from weddings to children's portraiture to boudoir.  We teach you how to think through and create engaging images.  That applies to ANY type of portraiture.

I'm not a big fan of the flashy look.  I am more of a natural light photographer.  Why should I attend?

So here's the thing.  I'm not teaching any one look.  Typically when people say this to me the real reason is because they don't know how to control the light properly.  I will be teaching you how to control and create the light the YOU want.  Want a more natural look?  Great!  We'll cover that too.  Good lighting is a staple for every professional photographer and that's exactly what this is about.